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Our Services

  • Public relations

    We have a good networking with a lot of contacts to make people aware of your game.

  • Marketing

    We can help you to release your game planning the right “marketing” step.

  • Business Development

    If you have any problem whatsoever with communications, partnerships, or anything else, just let us know and we will do the rest.

  • Community Management

    We help you creating and cativating a strong community for your game.



Who We Are

Nocht Communications is a PR, Marketing and Business Development company which works to help game developers to disseminate their games.

We are a Brazilian Communication Company currently operating in Dublin, Ireland and São Paulo, Brazil.  What makes us different? We have a great networking with seriously big players and we tailor our services to meet your specific, individual requirements. But more than just games, we love connecting linkminded people.

So what can we offer you? We are in a fantastic position to ensure people aware of – and talking about- your games.  Our team is supremely capable and eager to do everything possible to help you achieve your ambition. Just like you, we want to see games domaining the world. And with you beside us – we are invincible!





Make the best of your games. Contact us and request a proposal



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Tiago Zaidan
Tiago Zaidan CEO, TDZ Games

Nocht PR was responsible for the PR of Eliosi’s Hunt release. They showed great passion for their work as they treated Eliosi’s Hunt as being a project of their own. That meant a lot for us because we know that there are a lot of PR companies that show no passion for the game that they are working on. We had an open communication channel with them and they replied to all of our questions really fast. That gave us a lot of confidence and enabled them to really get to know about the game. They showed a great
networking, specially in Brazil. They also did a great job with our PS4 version of the game, as they showed a lot of contacts in that area too. I recommend their work as they showed a lot of energy and excitement during the time we worked together and they are also eager to learn more and more about the industry and how they can best serve us.